I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by the construction and remodeling of homes. My family has been in the business of homes for generations and as someone who recognizes the value in each detail, I pride myself on the understanding that each home is unique - as is its owner! For whatever amount of time that may be, it becomes a part of you and your family. We make a house into a home in our own small ways, even when we don’t notice it. We develop trends and things that we favor over others, and this is a big thing many look over. The value in understanding that what is appealing to most, may not be the same for the individual, is vital. My goal with my clients is to create a life-long relationship, not a quick transaction.

Being a trusted source for both Residential & Commercial Real Estate is something I take pride in. Bringing value to my clients both in and out of TN is a focal point for myself, and I accomplish this through dedication to bringing the most value I can to you.

My background in this area, as well as Leadership with a Top 10 Franchise 500 company, has shaped me into a cultivator for building strong relationships that last. I strive to provide trust and value to everyone, letting my actions speak louder than words. Dedication to my clients has opened many doors to give back to the community through guest speaking in homebuyer education courses, helping educate instructors on understanding the fluidity of the market, and partnering with local non-profits to guide people to the path of financial freedom in real estate

I welcome the opportunity to work together on your first home, next investment, or commercial property. Let’s get to work!

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